Josée in Ottawa

Permission to Blog Again


When I stopped working on Frugal Fun Ottawa, I really needed a break from blogging. I loved working on the site but I felt that since I had committed (if only in my head) to putting out the weekly events listings,  I just couldn’t skip any even if so many other things in my life were crying out for attention. So I put blogging completely out of my mind for a while.

After a couple of months went by I would occasionally think, “That would make a good blog post”, but somehow I felt that since life was so busy and crazy and I had so many other things to do with my time I shouldn’t “waste” my time blogging. So I put it out of my mind again.

When life started to feel like one big chore again, I started to think that I really, really needed to make some changes. I’ve been saying that for over a year now, but now I feel that I’m really in a position make positive changes and to start planning instead of just reacting to what life throws my way. We moved at the beginning of June and the new house is really feeling like home now. Stuff’s organized (I swear in another life I was a professional organizer!) and all of the home improvements we had to do right away are done (for the most part). I’ve settled back into the groove at work, and the business venture that my friend and I launched is taking shape. I have a bit more room to breathe, and suddenly I feel like blogging again. BUT.

I struggled with the decision to actually post something. I’m definitely an all or nothing person, and I know that I have to be careful to set limits and boundaries or I can easily become completely engulfed in my projects. So I wasn’t sure if I should start blogging again. And then I realized that when life is all work and no play it’s really, really unpleasant. So. Here I am, posting today. I may or may not post again. If I feel like it, I will. If I don’t, I won’t.

This time I’m going to blog purely for the fun of it.

4 thoughts on “Permission to Blog Again

  1. Awesome! I think that’s what blogging should be – a fun, creative outlet from your everyday life. My enthusiasm comes and goes – but that’s okay! Blog when the mood strikes. Looking forward to seeing what rattling around in your brain :).

  2. Thanks Lynn!

    It feels good to blog again. 🙂

  3. It’s nice to see you again!

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