Josée in Ottawa

A Few Completely Random Thoughts


  • I eat peanut butter about once a year. I go months without thinking about it and then suddenly I must have it. Today is a peanut butter day.
  • I’ll be turning 39 in January, which means I’ll be turning 40 in less than 16 months. I’m not dealing well. In an effort to make turning 40 a bit more palatable, I’ve launched a Fit by 40 campaign. My goals are to run a personal best 10K in May 2013, and to lose some weight so that I’m in the best shape of my life when I turn 40. (Trust me, it sounds more difficult than it is – the bar is not high.) So far the exercise component is going well but I have some work to do on healthy eating. I’d also like to incorporate some mental fitness goals, something along the lines of learning to relax and enjoy the moment, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to go about it. More on that later.
  • My kids are insanely cute in footie pajamas. It’s not easy finding size 6 footie pajamas but I found a pair at Old Navy last year. Can’t remember if they make size 7 too. If they do, I will stock up.
  • I’m not crazy about this WordPress theme but I’m too scared of completely messing up the look of the blog to change it. I’m used to being able to customize everything with the Atahualpa theme, but it’s not available for If I could, I’d at least make the font a bit bigger.
  • Television season is ramping up, thank goodness. We watched every episode of Heroes on Netflix over the summer, and were getting desperate for some new shows. So far I’ve watched the season premiere of Glee, CSI (only the original Las Vegas show will do),  The Amazing Race, and The Good Wife. Kalinda kicks b**t. I think I love her.

2 thoughts on “A Few Completely Random Thoughts

  1. Oh, don’t be afraid to mess up your blog look! Since you are on, there’s no themes that will be buggy or completely ridiculous. Also, you can always test them out first – if you search for themes and see one you might like, then you can go to the theme page and click the grey “Live Demo” button, and it will show you what your blog would look like if you activiated that them. If you love it, then activate!

    I like to follow the blog, which is here:
    They always post when a new theme goes live and if I see one that looks interesting, I go and test it out.

    In other news – Kalinda really DOES kick it. I wish she were my best friend :).

  2. Thanks for the WordPress advice Lynn, I will definitely check it out. Though I did realized that my font size problem has more to do with my desktop settings than the theme… *sheepish shrug*

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