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Am I Turning Into a Minimalist?


I don’t think anyone who knows me would call me a packrat. I’m not very sentimental about stuff, and I like to keep the house really well organized, which means tossing all kinds of things. Recently though, I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism, and I have to say, I have a LOT of stuff.

There’s quite the range of people calling themselves minimalists out there. From single guys who own less than 100 items to minimalist moms who just try to keep a handle on the toy situation, and lots in between. Reading about minimalism has caused me to go on a purging kick, and I’ve thrown out at least 10 black garbage bags full of stuff! Why have I been holding on to all this stuff, and why didn’t I do this before we paid movers to move us into our new house??? The 10 bags were in addition to the boxes we’ve brought to Goodwill, and the stuff I’m trying to sell on Kijiji. And I still feel like there is so much more to be purged.

One of the things I read that really made an impact on me was the idea that organizing and decluttering are not the same thing; organized clutter is still clutter. And organized clutter is not minimalism. I’ve been thinking about that as the storage containers that I’ve emptied pile up in a corner of the basement. I put 7 rubbermaid bins aside; not to mention the pile of baskets and smaller storage containers that I had stashed all around the house. All the stuff they used to hold is gone; I can’t even remember what it was! And don’t tell the kids, but I’ve tossed 3 garbage bags full of toys – and they haven’t even noticed!!

When we moved here, we decided that one side of the basement would be for a playroom, and the other for storage. For a number of reasons we’ve since decided to switch the playroom and the storage, and I am on a mission to get rid of as much stuff as I can so that the switch is easier to pull off. Reading about minimalism has certainly helped me take the plunge.

If you’re interested in learning more, the following blogs are pretty interesting:

I love clutter by Sindesign (Flickr Creative Commons)

Image: I love Clutter by Sindesign (Flickr Creative Commons)

4 thoughts on “Am I Turning Into a Minimalist?

  1. Oooh, I want to hear more about this. I find I am constantly dancing the fine line between letting the kids save things they love, and keeping a lid on the mound of crap. I can get rid of a lot of things without them noticing, but when they DO notice, oh my heavens, it’s heartbreak. So any tips you have – I want to hear them!

    Just yesterday I opened a box in my closet that was taped shut. That means I hadn’t opened it since we moved here eight years ago! GAH.

  2. I will definitely be posting more about my journey into minimism, because I think the answer to my question “Am I turning into a minimalist?” is: yes, yes I am. I’ve never been one to keep things unecessarily but oh my gosh, when you start to really look around, the amount of stuff stashed away is incredible! The blogs I link to are great about explaining the why of it all too.

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  4. Hi Josee,

    I’m a reporter at CBC News Ottawa. I’m working on a story about extreme minimalism. I’m interested in chatting with you. Can you give me a call asap: 613.875.5164 or email

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Ashley Burke

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