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Me, Now Sugar-Free


Sugar by Ewe Hermann

Sugar by Ewe Hermann (Flickr Creative Commons)

It seems so fitting that just as I was going to sit down to write this post, someone knocked on our front door. It turned out to be Girl Guides, selling cookies. My husband bought a box, and they’re sitting within sight, screaming my name…

I’ve been thinking about going off sugar for a while now. I tend to really overdo it when I let myself eat sweets, and I always feel terrible after. I stopped putting sugar in my coffee about three weeks ago, and just doing that has had a huge impact – not starting the day with two teaspoons of sugar made a big difference in how much I craved it during the day. I was hoping that I’d get used to the taste of non-sugared coffee in time. Guess that takes more than three weeks – it still tastes pretty gross but my body and mind need the caffeine, and the routine. 🙂

The only reason I haven’t cut sugar out altogether yet is that we had planned to go to a dinner party on the weekend and I knew there would be a yummy dessert. I wasn’t ready to resist in that environment just yet. (And I’m glad I didn’t – I had two pieces of yummy apple pie!) But now the dinner party is past, and I think this is a good time to try going sugar-free. I can go a few weeks before the temptation of Halloween candy comes up, and maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to stay out of the kids’ treat bags this year. (Maybe.)

So, my second Fit by Forty challenge is to not have any sugar until November 2nd. Sorry Girl Guide cookies, I’ll just have to feed you to the kids.

2 thoughts on “Me, Now Sugar-Free

  1. Holy cow, sugar free! That’s a huge step…but such a good one. I really cut back on sugar while pregnant and it made a huge difference to my energy and health. Now that the kids are older the sugar is creeping back in, but I know that it just makes me feel crappy – it’s obvious when I’ve had a big dessert, I can barely stay awake and I feel so sluggish and sick.

    So I guess I am saying…I should jump on this train :).

    Also – love your new header!

  2. Yup, sugar free is tough. Though I have to say cutting it out of my coffee has really made a big difference for me. We’ll see how well I do – so far I haven’t touched those girl guide cookies!

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