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A Short Conversation with B.G.


Care Bears lineup by johntrainor (Flickr Creative Commons)

Care Bears lineup by johntrainor (Flickr Creative Commons)

B.G. sold a few toys on Used Ottawa recently, and to my dismay she couldn’t wait to head to the store to spend some of her money.  At the time, she was hoping to find a stuffed Care Bear. I tried to convince her that it might be a good idea to save her money but she wasn’t buying it (pun intended :)). Our conversation on the way to the store went something like this:

Me: I’m not sure we’ll be able to find a Care Bear today. They might not have what you want. If you can’t find one, you could save your money and put it in your piggy bank. 

B.G.: If they don’t have a Care Bear I’ll get something else I want.

Me: What else do you want?

B.G.: I don’t know, I don’t know what they have!

Me: *sigh*

2 thoughts on “A Short Conversation with B.G.

  1. Our kids have this attitude lately, too. They get a lot of cash as birthday gifts and they want to spend it – they don’t care on what! Lately we have had many talks about deciding what to buy *before* you get to the store, and then only getting that, or nothing. I think they understand it as a new rule, not sure they understand why it’s smart. GAH.

  2. Talking about this with kids is so hard… I kept trying to explain it to B.G. but it just wasn’t working. She ended up buying a $2 plastic mermaid and then was very unhappy with the quality of the toy (we discovered that half her hair was missing once we got her home and out of the packaging). On the one hand I was happy that B.G. only ended up spending $2 and saved the rest; on the other it was a lesson about “You get what you pay for”. So… something we have to keep working on. I’m thinking of putting in a 50/50 rule – half of any money she gets has to go in her bank account, half she can spend at will (and I will learn to BITE MY TONGUE!). We’ll see…

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