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Fit by 40 Reboot

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Funny Sign at Rock and Roll Marathon by Moriartys (Flickr Creative Commons)

Funny Sign at Rock n Roll Marathon by Moriartys (Flickr Creative Commons)

I haven’t posted about my Fit by 40 project in a while, but progress is being made. I ran the Ottawa Race Weekend 10K yesterday. It wasn’t a personal best by any means (I figured out about a month ago that it wouldn’t be), but I did complete it and I’m happy with the results, for now. I’ve been running about three times a week for a while, so the exercise component of my Fit by 40 project is going well. I plan on signing up for the Fall Colours 10k, which takes place in October, and if all goes according to plan I will get a personal best 10k time then.

The best part about running yesterday’s race (besides getting to the end of  it, of course) were the signs that people had made. I’ve run three other 10K races in the past, and the only signs I remember are ones like “Go Micheal Go!”.  Yesterday’s were much more amusing:”I tried running once; it was awful”; “Embrace the Suck”; “If it was easy, we’d be running too”; “Run now, beer later”; and my personal favourite, “Run like the zombies are chasing you”, which made me chuckle seeing as how Hubby and I have been making our way through season two of Walking Dead on Netflix. There were also “Free High Five” stations set up along the route, which I don’t remember from past races. I didn’t swing by the curb for a free high five, but a complete stranger further along the route did give me a high five and encouraged me with a “Way to go, Josée!” (Our names are written on our race bibs.)

Hubby is, as I type this, starting his half-marathon this morning. (Go Hubby Go!) I’ve given Hubby and a few friends strict instructions to slap me to my senses if I ever mention running  a half marathon.

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