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Explaining “Aunt Rose” to a Six-Year-Old in an Airport Bathroom




Any men reading may want to skip this post. 🙂

Soon B.G. and I will be travelling by plane to visit my sister. Of course it looks like my Impeccable Menstrual Timing (IMT – I coin the phrase!) will strike again. It will be difficult (well nigh impossible) for me to get into a bathroom stall without MiniMe, who doesn’t like to stand outside the stall by herself where strangers could possibly glance her way (oh the horror, shudder). I’ll have to get creative:

“Hey, that door looks loose. Can you please turn around and push on it and make sure that none of those scary strangers break in?”

“What’s that on the floor? NO, NO don’t touch it!!!”

“Is that an Air Canada sticker on the ceiling?”

The stalls are small and there is only so much to distract her.

Men never have to deal with stuff like this.

2 thoughts on “Explaining “Aunt Rose” to a Six-Year-Old in an Airport Bathroom

  1. Oh dear heavens – prepare yourself for major embarrassment. I can think of at least a handful of times that one of my kids has loudly asked “WHAT’S THAT BLOOD FROM MOMMY” while in a public bathroom with me. FUN TIMES.

  2. I’m pretty amazed that I’ve managed to avoid the conversation this long. (I’ve been quite creative in the past and have actually used the old “Push on the door” technique before.) I have no problem telling her the truth, except that she’s the worrying type and I can just picture her freaking out and stressing about it for the next six years or so…. I can already tell she’s a Type- A just like her mom. 🙂

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