Josée in Ottawa

Our Trip to the Rockies, Statistically Speaking

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  • Kilometres flown: 2,874 x 2
  • Kilometres driven: 1,529
  • Provinces crossed: 3
  • Number of beautiful lakes we dipped our toes in: 4
  • Number of lakes I wouldn’t let B.G. dip her toes in due to warnings about “swimmer’s itch”: 1
  • Average temperature of the lakes we visited, in degrees Celsius: 4
  • Visits to the hotel pool: 5
  • Hailstorms endured: 1
  • Hotels we slept in: 3
  • Number of times B.G. puked: 1
  • Number of times I was puked on: 0
  • Cowboys we saw during our trip: 2
  • Ice cream cones eaten: 5
  • Number of mountains we saw: Lost count
  • Number of times I said, “Oh my God it’s soooo beautiful here”: Lost count
  • Chances that we’ll return to the Rockies: 99.9%


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