Josée in Ottawa

I Think We Just Had The Perfect Day. Huh.


And it happened completely by accident. Many, if not most, of our family outings turn out more like this.

It’s a rule that you can’t plan a perfect day, it just has to happen on its own. We didn’t have any plans today, so there were no expectations. We lazed about all morning, and then decided to take a bike ride along the Rideau River. B.G. is finally able to ride at a reasonable speed, and Bonhomme is still light enough to be pulled in the Chariot trailer, so this is the first summer that we can all ride together. We packed a snack and headed out.

It was quite a sight to see B.G. happily pedalling hard to keep up with Hubby, her skirt fluttering out behind her. (My tomboy princess loves her dresses and skirts. No shorts or jeans for this girl, no siree. Sigh.) B.G. absolutely loves riding her bike and didn’t complain once about being tired (I’ll be diplomatic here and just say that she was uncharacteristically bubbly). Bonhomme, snug in the Chariot with his juice and snack, had no reason to complain either.

We made it all the way from Strathcona Park to the Rideau Falls, where we stopped for a rest:




We saw the royal swans and a few of their friends along the way (note the black bird sitting on the rock in the upper right-hand corner of the photo – a cormorant?):



We had such a great time that I would have called it a perfect day even if the fun had ended there, but we happened upon a police training exercise later in the day:



Bonhomme was in heaven. Hubby was admiring the  bikes (I could read his mind; he’ll get a bike over my dead body!) and I didn’t mind the view one little bit either. 🙂

And then, my favourite event of the summer, Fortissimo on Parliament Hill:







Today the fantasy and the reality were one.

2 thoughts on “I Think We Just Had The Perfect Day. Huh.

  1. Aw, that *does* sound like the perfect day – it’s hopeful to hear that they do happen! We had Fortissimo on our list for this summer but at the last minute I backed out, because people warned me it was very loud and our youngest (who would have already been up way past her bedtime) is not a fan of big sound. What do you think of it? Do your kids enjoy it? Do you find it overwhelming? How early do you go to get good seats?

  2. Fortissimo is definitely about big sound – I knew they used canons at the end during the 1812 Overture but this year (can’t remember if it’s always been like this) they STARTED with a cannon, and every person in the audience jumped. My kids had been prepped about the fact that there would be canons at the end but were not impressed with being so surprised right off the bat. We always part at the World Exchange, and plan on arriving there around 6:30. That gives us time to walk to Parliament Hill and set up our chairs, and we always get a pretty spot.

    It is a long event for the kids – unless they really really love marching bands, I don’t know if they would really enjoy it.

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