Josée in Ottawa


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I’m sitting on the couch in the living room, working on my laptop. Bonhomme sidles over. He’s got his Pokemon Go book in his hands; it’s his latest obsession. “Mummy?” He’s almost eight but the way he says it brings me back to when he was four, five. He puts his hand on my knee and waits until I look up. “What’s up?” I ask him. “I know which Pokemon I want to catch next…”

He’s got my attention and he’s off, talking about his favourite thing ever. As he talks he puts down his book and clears away the papers that are beside me on the couch. I close my laptop. He sits in the newly cleared spot and scootches over a millimetre at a time until he can’t get any closer. I interject the occasional “Uh huh…” or “Hmmmm.” He leans his head on my arm, still talking.

I’ll listen as long as he wants.


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