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I’m sitting on the couch in the living room, working on my laptop. Bonhomme sidles over. He’s got his Pokemon Go book in his hands; it’s his latest obsession. “Mummy?” He’s almost eight but the way he says it brings me back to when he was four, five. He puts his hand on my knee and waits until I look up. “What’s up?” I ask him. “I know which Pokemon I want to catch next…”

He’s got my attention and he’s off, talking about his favourite thing ever. As he talks he puts down his book and clears away the papers that are beside me on the couch. I close my laptop. He sits in the newly cleared spot and scootches over a millimetre at a time until he can’t get any closer. I interject the occasional “Uh huh…” or “Hmmmm.” He leans his head on my arm, still talking.

I’ll listen as long as he wants.




Gimme a T! Gimme a V! Gimme a P-V-R! Goooooooooo cable!

Television is back, thank God. Glee (so sad about Cory Monteith), The Good Wife (best show on television), The Amazing Race (love Phil!), Elementary (Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller are terrific together)- it’s a television cornucopia just in time for thanksgiving and I couldn’t be happier. September kicks my ass every year and the only thing helping me through it is television. The month of September is always one big to-do list for us. Between the return to school and routine, the (usually) colder temperatures that require complete wardrobe overhauls, and our many family commitments (everyone in our family seems to be have been born in September), it’s go-go-go all month long. Today is the first weekend day this month where we don’t have anything scheduled. Being able to wind down with a good show in the evenings lately is a real treat. (Alcohol doesn’t hurt either. Note to self – buy more wine!! :))

bob's television dream by Robert Couse-Baker (Flickr Creative Commons)

bob’s television dream by Robert Couse-Baker (Flickr Creative Commons)


Bonhomme and Bunny, Bestest of Friends


Bonhomme luuuuvs his Bunny. These BFFs regularly have long, drawn-out conversations; Bunny’s voice is remarkably similar to Bonhomme’s, just more high-pitched. Bunny lives in a carrot house in Bunnyland; unfortunately Bonhomme is too big to visit but Bunny has told him all about it. Bunny is four like Bonhomme, or six like B.G., or sometimes even an almost-grown-up seven years old! Bunny knows everything, and isn’t shy about sharing his knowledge; whenever we give Bonhomme exciting news (“Hey, we’re going to Grandma’s tomorrow!”) he replies, “I know. Bunny told me!” Bunny occasionally gets a bath, much to Bonhomme’s chagrin. Like most BFFs, Bunny and Bonhomme hate being separated, even for a minute. When we leave the house (mean Mommy has decreed that, with few exceptions, Bunny is not allowed out of the house unless it’s for a sleep over) Bunny sits by the door anxiously awaiting Bonhomme’s return. If Hubby or I are staying home, we’re instructed to take good care of Bunny and to hug him if he cries. If I put Bunny on Bonhomme’s bed when Bonhomme is away, his first words upon coming home are always “Where’s Bunny?” Bunny loves to play hide-and-seek, especially at bedtime, so that Bonhomme can delay a few minutes more while he searches for his pal. Bunny loves being swaddled and tolerates being dressed up. Bunny has an injured ear that is barely hanging on by a thread, but has thus far refused any medical attention.

Bonhomme loves playing with the camera and Bunny is his favourite subject:









Thinking about a day when Bunny is no longer the center of Bonhomme’s universe, well… I’m just not ready for that yet.


I Think We Just Had The Perfect Day. Huh.

And it happened completely by accident. Many, if not most, of our family outings turn out more like this.

It’s a rule that you can’t plan a perfect day, it just has to happen on its own. We didn’t have any plans today, so there were no expectations. We lazed about all morning, and then decided to take a bike ride along the Rideau River. B.G. is finally able to ride at a reasonable speed, and Bonhomme is still light enough to be pulled in the Chariot trailer, so this is the first summer that we can all ride together. We packed a snack and headed out.

It was quite a sight to see B.G. happily pedalling hard to keep up with Hubby, her skirt fluttering out behind her. (My tomboy princess loves her dresses and skirts. No shorts or jeans for this girl, no siree. Sigh.) B.G. absolutely loves riding her bike and didn’t complain once about being tired (I’ll be diplomatic here and just say that she was uncharacteristically bubbly). Bonhomme, snug in the Chariot with his juice and snack, had no reason to complain either.

We made it all the way from Strathcona Park to the Rideau Falls, where we stopped for a rest:




We saw the royal swans and a few of their friends along the way (note the black bird sitting on the rock in the upper right-hand corner of the photo – a cormorant?):



We had such a great time that I would have called it a perfect day even if the fun had ended there, but we happened upon a police training exercise later in the day:



Bonhomme was in heaven. Hubby was admiring the  bikes (I could read his mind; he’ll get a bike over my dead body!) and I didn’t mind the view one little bit either. 🙂

And then, my favourite event of the summer, Fortissimo on Parliament Hill:







Today the fantasy and the reality were one.

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Our Trip to the Rockies, Statistically Speaking

  • Kilometres flown: 2,874 x 2
  • Kilometres driven: 1,529
  • Provinces crossed: 3
  • Number of beautiful lakes we dipped our toes in: 4
  • Number of lakes I wouldn’t let B.G. dip her toes in due to warnings about “swimmer’s itch”: 1
  • Average temperature of the lakes we visited, in degrees Celsius: 4
  • Visits to the hotel pool: 5
  • Hailstorms endured: 1
  • Hotels we slept in: 3
  • Number of times B.G. puked: 1
  • Number of times I was puked on: 0
  • Cowboys we saw during our trip: 2
  • Ice cream cones eaten: 5
  • Number of mountains we saw: Lost count
  • Number of times I said, “Oh my God it’s soooo beautiful here”: Lost count
  • Chances that we’ll return to the Rockies: 99.9%