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The Mad Men Option


Sometimes I fantasize about quitting my job and just staying home eating bonbons all day. The other day I told Hubby to consider what I call “The Mad Men Option”. I told him that if he agreed to move to a less expensive house in the country somewhere, so that I didn’t have to work to help pay the mortgage, I would do the following:

  1. Get the kids ready every morning and put them on the bus;
  2. Do all the cleaning;
  3. Do all the cooking;
  4. Keep track of our finances;
  5. Schedule all  play dates, doctor and dentist appointments;
  6. Work out for an hour every day;
  7. Have a drink ready for him at night when he walks in the door.


Surprisingly, he hasn’t called the real estate agent yet. Huh.

Maybe because I already take care of numbers 2, 4 and 5, part of 1 and am already (somewhat) attempting 6. And we both know that if I was in charge of 3 we’d all starve.

Perhaps I need a new strategy.