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Hubby, aka “The Yes Man”

yeah yeah yeah by Tim Snell (Flickr Creative Commons)

yeah yeah yeah by Tim Snell (Flickr Creative Commons)

When the kids stay home from school because they’re sick, we follow one simple rule: They must nap in the afternoon. Knowing this, they usually think twice about pulling the “I don’t feel well” card unless it’s really true. B.G. stayed home from school with Hubby last week, and when I got home and mentioned The Rule, she let it slip that “Daddy didn’t make me take a nap”.  Hubby exclaimed, “Hey, you weren’t supposed to tell mommy!”

A few days later when I was out of earshot she told him, “When I want something, I ask you. You’re the Yes Man.”

Such wisdom at such a young age. I can’t decide whether to be amused that she’s figured this out, or upset that this makes me “The No Mommy” by default. Either way, Hubby’s in trouble now.


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My Little Adrenaline Junkie

Can you spot the child in this tree? Way, way up there, near the top?



She loves climbing trees, riding horses and white water rafting. She taught herself how to do a handstand. She loved the helicopter ride we took one Canada Day, and she didn’t flinch at all during her first airplane ride when the plane accelerated for takeoff, or when we encountered turbulence. I should have seen it coming: once while driving around I had turned up the radio because one of my favourite songs was playing, and she yelled from her car seat in the back: “I love it when you drive really fast and the music is up loud!”

She’ll be base jumping by the time she’s sixteen.

Hubby and I are in so much trouble.